Son of God Movie Feb. 28th 2014 Call 800-970-1858
Son of God Movie Feb. 28th 2014 Call 800-970-1858


We are excited to share with you the various options for group ticket sales. We believe you will be very interested to hear how you can utilize this movie to share the love of Christ.

Here is a brief description of the options for your group, church, school, or organization.

Option 1:

DO A PRIVATE SCREENING – BUY OUT all the tickets for a show time!

You can do a 'Buy Out' of ALL the tickets for a specific show time in your theater (for example, the 7:30 pm show). This is usually about 200 tickets, but it can be more or less depending on your group size.


  • When you do a Buy Out of a show time, your group will 'own' the theater for that show time (it will feel like your own private event), so your pastor/leader can make an announcement or share a message before and/or after the movie plays, and you can also distribute hand-outs at your event.
  • You will receive concierge service to manage ticket processing for your church, or organization, at your local theater.


Your group can see the movie on Thursday Feb 27, the day BEFORE IT OPENS to the general public on Feb 28. This is only available for those who are doing theater 'buy outs' as described above. CONTACT the Group Sales Hotline at 800-970-1858 for more info.

Sign up for a Buy Out or Exclusive Pre-Opening Showing here

Option 2:

Buy a PORTION of the tickets for a show time!

You can purchase a portion of group tickets (25 or more) at your local theater to see the movie all together as a group.


  • You can go together as a group, and sit together if you arrive early to the theater.
  • You can buy the amount of tickets you need, and give them or resell them to your group.
  • You can invite family, friends, and co-workers to join your group as well.
  • You will be assigned your own concierge to handle ticketing.

Sign up to buy your group tickets here

Option 3:

Buy VOUCHERS good for any show time!

Vouchers can be purchased at a discounted price, under $10 (minimum order of 50 or more vouchers), exchangeable for a movie ticket at your theater.


  • Vouchers can be purchased at a discount (under $10) and then given away or resold to your members as a fundraiser.
  • Vouchers are accepted at most theaters, and all show times, so people can choose to see the movie whenever they wish instead of all having to go at the same time. (NOTE: Movie ticket vouchers do not guarantee you a seat. They must be traded in at your theater for an actual movie ticket for a particular show time.)

Contact us to get more information about Vouchers here

Any option can be enhanced with a Church Event Kit: $49.95 (+ tax, shipping & handling). This kit includes all the tools you'll need to engage your church and go deeper with the spiritual themes in the movie – including a 4–week sermon series (plus bonus Easter sermon), matching movie clips on DVD, a small group study, evangelistic booklets, posters and more church promotional tools to help you use the movie as a powerful community outreach. Purchase yours at